Object Mounting Systems For Custom Picture Framing

ATTACH-EZ is a revolutionary way to mount all types of  fabric and 3 dimentional artwork. Now, those time consuming athletic shirts, jackets, and doilies that once took hours of sewing time can be mounted and ready to frame in minutes.

ATTACH-EZ works on all types of clothing articles, tapestry, quilts, and stretching needlework as well.  See the many options of mounting 3 D art.  Pat's methods are being used all over the world by framers who love how she always finds a way to make the job easier without doing harm.

The needles on the attaching devices are made for fine fabrics so the punctures are no bigger than the needles used in the conventional methods of sewing. The nylon fasteners make the ATTACH-EZ Systems perfect for archival mounting.

In the framing business time is money. The ATTACH-EZ Object Mounting Systems are so time efficient and hassle free, that they allow you to move on to other projects faster. Your employees will thank you, and when ATTACH-EZ pays for itself in one or two mountings, your bottom line will reward you as well.

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