Inventor's Update: What's happening?
updated 9/4/2005
Note: If you have purchased your Attach-EZ kit without seeing a demonstration it is really important to read the directions. The tips for using the hand tools and applying them to framing will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially on bent needles. Note: If you are bending needles consistently then you are doing something wrong. Don't keep trying to figure it out for yourself. The cost of the needles will override the time you are saving. Please call and let me help you find out what the problem is. Most of the time it is something very simple to correct. Call toll free 1-800-527-1521 or E-mail

Attach-EZ® has become a household name in the framing industry. When Attach-EZ first hit the market there were many skeptics, but most of them have long since changed their minds after using the product. Attaching fabric artwork for shadowbox's is no longer a labor intensive struggle in which you can't charge enough to make money on. Now it takes 10 -15 minutes to do what used to take hours.

Admittedly, there are some things that I would not want to use Attach-EZ on . Items such as very old and brittle antique clothing, or something very valuable are examples of where it may not be appropriate to use the Attach-EZ method of fastening. The instruction booklet covers how to determine where and when to use Attach-EZ. The ball point needles on the Attach-EZ system are very sharp and very delicate, and will do no more harm than the conventional needles used in the sewing method. In situations where I feel the fabric is to delicate, or very valuable I will lay the item out on the mat board and use the hand tools to make the holes by lifting the fabric up and placing the hole under the garment. (Note: Do not pierce the fabric with the tool.) This will make mounting much faster because you can see where to place the holes while the garment is laid out, make the holes from the front side using the Attach-EZ tool, and then sew the garment in place using the pre-made holes and the conventional sewing methods.

The fasteners are made of nylon so they are safe for most archival mounting. On the Micro hand-tool you can also change the color of the fasteners by using pigmented pens to match fabric colors. The easy follow instructions cover lots of tips for using both hand-tools. One of the greatest benefits of Attach-EZ is that you can lay the garment out and attach it from the front side. This also prevents over handling therefore giving less chance of soiling the garment, or poking a finger and bleeding on the mats or artwork. This method also allows you to see if items are laid out correctly before attaching.

If you haven't been to a show for awhile you may not be familiar with a product called EZ-Tach, which I created to help mount 3 dimensional artwork quickly. The fasteners take the place of fishing line and wire, are very strong and will hold a moderate amount of weight. Only a common awl is needed to use the attachments.

EZ-Stretch is also a product I developed to make it easier to stretch needlework. The Fine Fabric tool and 1/4" fasteners will help you to stretch a needlework perfectly every time. This method is totally archival and does no damage to the artwork.